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Women Farm Tourism Entrepreneurs – Reconstructing Gender in Rural Sweden

Few studies on farming and tourism have focused on women as entrepreneurs. This project therefore aims at creating new knowledge on farm women's entrepreneurship in the tourism and hospitality sector in Sweden.

The specific objectives are to understand and create knowledge on:

  • Farm women's entrepreneurial processes: the motives and experiences.
  • How farm women entrepreneurs´ gendered identities are (re-)shaped by becoming entrepreneurs.
  • How place-specific gendered discourses and gender relations affects farm based tourism entrepreneurship.

In order to fulfil the objectives empirical studies will be performed through an extensive interview study in two regions (Dalarna, Uppland) of Sweden. The knowledge produced in this project will contribute to making visible women's contribution within diversification of farming, and through its communication with stake-holders and policy makers seek to make support systems more gender equal and sustainable.