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Digital Platforms for Citizen Engagement

A project that surveys contemporary developments in digital platforms for citizen engagement and that explores future potentials for urban planning within this rapidly expanding area.

With a rich history dating back nearly a century; citizen engagement and communicative planning have existed for some time. However the rise of digital and social media and the prevalence of social movements around the world have fostered innovation and a renewed interest in public involvement in decision making. Digital Platforms for Citizen Engagement focuses on what digital platforms for engagement are currently being used successfully, explores future developments in this rapidly growing field and considers how urban planning can be strengthened through greater citizen engagement as a result of the increased integration of digital tools.

The project involves the identification and research and testing of contemporary platforms, as well as a more general survey of trends in citizen engagement and digital platforms. Subsequently, the project will explore the potential for using digital platforms to enhance planning processes, with a particular emphasis on citizen input and engagement through research and cooperation with digital platform developers.

This project is a cooperative effort between White Architecture and Nordregio.