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Evaluation of InMotion

A regional program for improving the competitive position of West Sweden concerning environment, energy and sustainable transportations.

The regional program InMotion was initiated as a response to the economic crises in 2008-2009, which hit the industry in West Sweden particularly hard. The program focused both the traditional manufacturing sectors of automation and transportation, and the upcoming sectors of environment and energy. The goal of the program was to strengthen the competitive position of West Sweden. The program had a total budget of SEK 150 million and was run between 2009-2010, but ongoing project could continue into 2013.

The purpose of the evaluation is to increase knowledge for the future development of initiatives for strengthening the regional competitiveness. Since many project are not yet finished, focus is on program design (logic, relevance, goals, etc), implementation and organisation, rather than on effect evaluation. Still, the evaluation will address the question of preliminary results and effects of the program. The evaluation is undertaken in cooperation between Nordregio and Faugert & Co Utvärdering.