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Journal of Nordregio no 2, 2006

Cohesion through competitiveness

In 2004, the EU expanded from 15 to 25 member countries. In 2007, Romania and Bulgaria will also join. In terms of allocations per capita there will be an overall reduction from 302 to 247 euros per annum – comparing these two years. More important however, is the fact that allocations to the relatively rich (older) member states will be reduced substantially. Thus far, a comprehensive post-2007 picture has not been made available, although some key figures have been published, giving clear indications of likely future patterns and developments.

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The future of the EU budget
Less per capita
EU continues growth in regional spending
The fight for budget-size
Significant reductions to the Nordic countries
Viewpoint: -Regions are the key to European Identity
Regions and NUTS
The challenge of the macro-regions
Viewpoint: Structural Success
More Interregg Competitivenes
Interregg cooperation
EU cohesion policy 2007-2013
The EU's new agricultural policy
Viewpoint: More openes about CAP
EU refreshes rural policy: Implications of the 2007-2013 Budget
EU Dictionary
Leaving the camps: The challenge of military conversion
Military base closures 1990-2006
Book Review: Experiences are hot!