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Journal of Nordregio no 2, 2007

Building Iceland's Future

Energy and environment are important themes in Icelandic politics, as is regional development. At present, there is enthusiasm in Reydarfjördur for the new Alcoa aluminium smelter which opens there next year. Whether this will last, remains however to be seen. Discussion is currently taking place in a further two communities, namely Husavik and Helguvik, in respect of similar solutions. In Dyrafjördur a debate is also taking place in relation to the site of an oil-refinery. The need to secure local jobs remains a major factor behind these types of initiatives. From an Icelandic environmental perspective both the additional smelter projects have a distinct chance of being realised. The major reason for this is that it will not be necessary to construct more large dams or hydro-power stations to supply the electricity needed to service them.

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