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CASUAL - Co-creating Attractive and Sustainable Urban Areas and Lifestyles

Exploring new forms of inclusive urban governance

Urban policies and projects that are expected to promote sustainability are often focused on the built environment and the technical infrastructure. Less attention is given to changing lifestyles and everyday practices, even though citizen and consumer behaviour have a tremendous impact on resource consumption in our cities.

The CASUAL project investigates how to promote sustainable living and consumption patterns by including citizen and consumer perspectives in the governance of urban areas.

We explore new forms of inclusive urban governance by looking at collectively organised initiatives outside formal planning procedures (such as city exhibitions in Vienna and Stockholm) as models for the future. In addition, planning for sustainable mobility is investigated through a focus on so called transit-oriented-development.

Our local partner in Stockholm is Färgfabriken which is an exhibition space and experimental platform for art, architecture and urban development. During fall 2015 Färgfabriken  organized Experiment Stockholm which was a project and exhibition about the Stockholm region.

A short film has been made by the project, watch it here (opens in external window).